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Who we are

About MamaMuscaria

Mama Muscaria is more than just a place for education, inspiration and a source of knowledge about fly agaric microdosing. We are a community of explorers dedicated to exploring the profound possibilities of this fascinating mushroom.

Süßer Baby-Fliegenpilz


Our mission is to accompany people on their path of personal development and self-healing by providing comprehensive information, guidance and high-quality products. We believe in the transformative power of nature and the ability of the human spirit to evolve and grow.


At Mama Muscaria, we put the well-being of our customers first.

We strive to be a trusted source for quality toadstools, informative literature and inspirational resources.

Our goal is to encourage people to embark on their own journey to self-realization and live a fulfilling, conscious life.



Join our community and discover the magic of the fly agaric with Mama Muscaria.

Magischer Fliegenpilz und seine Rezepte für die Heilung vieler Krankheiten
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