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Hand-picked, gently dried fly agarics from the Saxon forests - natural Amanita Muscaria in 1A quality.

For centuries, fly agaric has been considered to have healing properties in many countries and cultures. Shamans and herbalists have long administered it for various illnesses and health problems.

For example, Amanita Muscaria is said to be able to relieve rheumatism, migraines and other chronic pain.

It appears to have a healing effect, particularly for addictions, fears and depression, and it is said that it can relieve people of sleep problems.

The fly agaric is legal in Germany, but not yet approved as a dietary supplement. We therefore recommend using the dried Mamanita mushrooms for smoking. Whole toadstools, dried

20 grams of dried fly agarics

SKU: 364215376135191
  • The use of our products is at your own risk. We assume no liability for any damage that could result from improper use. Please note that fly agaric is not permitted as food in Germany. For this reason, we only sell it as incense.

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