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Welcome to the starting line of your life as a microdoser!


This makes getting started with Amanita Muscaria microdosing really easy and fun!


With this great set you get everything you need for a successful start in Amanita Muscaria microdosing.


You get:


A copy of the book “Unlocking the Power of Amanita Muscaria: A Masterclass”

+ a microdosing journal of your choice (Dream or White)

+ 20 g of gently dried fly agarics of excellent quality

+ our particularly precise scales for exact dosing

at the special price of € 73.23


That means you save a whopping €6.99! 

Our absolute hit: Buy the fly agaric set now!


Finally get started right away - the starter set for fly agaric microdosing

We are delighted that you want to take your health and well-being into your own hands and that you recognize the fly agaric as an ideal healing companion. We at MamaMuscaria have thought long and hard about how we can best support you as you enter the world of microdosing. And after observing our customers and the incoming orders for a while, we suddenly had a brilliant idea... 


Because, logically, most prospective customers first buy the book to familiarize themselves with Amanita Muscaria and the correct use of the dosage. As the subject itself and the information in the book are so interesting and there are really good prospects of curing a wide range of health and emotional problems, “Unlocking the Power of Amanita Muscaria: A Masterclass” is often read through in just a few hours. And then you are actually ready to go and feel fully motivated to get started straight away. 

The most important products

But back to the topic of why we have put together the starter set for you. So you've read the book and are perfectly prepared for microdosing. Perhaps you have even recognized something among the many descriptions of treatable diseases and success stories that applies exactly to you? In that case, you certainly want to start microdosing as soon as possible, don't you?  

But wait: you still have to buy dried toadstools first! That slows you down a bit, because although we do our best to dispatch orders immediately, shipping usually takes a few days depending on the postal delivery time. Then the long-awaited consignment finally arrives and some customers realize that their kitchen scales are not suitable for weighing the fly agaric microdoses. What a dilemma - so you have to wait a few more days before you can finally hold your precision scales in your hands and get started.


So we came up with the idea of putting together this package for you. You'll have everything you need to prepare your first microdose immediately after reading about the fly agaric. Incidentally - as some customers have told us - this is often the case on the day they finish reading the book, with some even on the evening of the day their starter pack arrives. We get feedback like “I literally devoured the book and could hardly wait to take my first microdose before going to sleep”. That's really great and we're really pleased to be able to support you even better with this starter set!

A little helper that packs a punch: Our journal

Perhaps you're wondering why we included the journal for the fly agaric microdose? Of course, we are happy to explain that too: journaling, i.e. keeping a diary, has been used for centuries by people to set goals and track their progress, document their everyday lives or deal better with emotions. This is exactly what we should do when microdosing Amanita Muscaria. The more closely we observe how and where the fly agaric brings us benefits, the more consistently we stay on the ball. It is also much easier to assess whether certain effects that you notice are actually due to the new microdosing habit or to something else. 


Take your gift with you 

So, as you can see, we've put together this package with a lot of thought to give you everything you need to get off to a perfect start in life with the fly agaric. However, there are other advantages to buying the set straight away. Firstly, of course, you get the precision scales worth €6.99 from MamaMuscaria for free. Simply insert a battery and you can weigh the 0.3 g of fly agaric exactly and prepare your delicious first microdose.

The MamaMuscaria team sees itself not only as educators about an almost forgotten medicinal plant with gigantic potential - we want to be much more! We see ourselves as ambassadors of the fly agaric and have recognized that man and nature form a unity, a cycle in which we should mutually benefit from each other. In this case, our motto is: The fly agaric helps you, help the fly agaric and its home, the forest, of course!


Become a fly agaric ambassador too

If you go fly agaric picking yourself, you may be interested in our blog article “7 reasons to buy top quality fly agaric caps from MamaMuscaria”. Here we explain in detail what is important when harvesting Amanita muscaria and which steps are particularly important in order to act sustainably and responsibly when picking mushrooms. Because as long as our red and white spotted friends cannot be cultivated, it is our common task to support and preserve them as much as possible in nature - despite harvesting.

Buy the German Amanita Muscaria Microdosing Starter Set - get a scale for free

  • The use of our products is at your own risk. We accept no liability for any damage that may result from improper use. Please note that the fly agaric is not permitted as a foodstuff in Germany. For this reason, we only sell it as an incense.

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