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Why purchase Amanita Muscaria from MamaMuscaria?

Buy MamaMuscaria toadstool caps in top quality

Certainly, there is a plethora of Amanita Muscaria suppliers on the market, some more expensive, others more affordable. However, we stand unconditionally behind our product and its fair price. Today, we'd like to share some insights into what we look for to ensure you only get the highest quality toadstool caps, consistently. And of course, why they are worth every penny!

Getrocknete Fliegenpilzkappen

A decisive factor for an excellent end product is the place where we collect Amanita muscaria. Mushrooms that grow along roads or popular hiking trails are taboo for us. Our precious “magic mushrooms” are collected exclusively deep in the forest, preferably by ourselves in Saxony, but also by proven fly agaric experts in the Czech Republic. Only there, far away from urban areas and heavy industry, can we harvest organic toadstools for you.


It is ideal if you can collect your own toadstools in a clean place. If this is not possible, you should definitely look for a trustworthy supplier with positive reviews to get really high quality!


Mushrooms at the optimum stage of maturity Fly agarics come in different ages. We leave around 90 % of very young mushrooms with a spherical or hemispherical shape and dense white spots. The care of the mycelium and time make them large and strong for later harvests. This is because it would take many mini mushrooms to balance the weight of a full-grown mushroom, which would not be very sustainable. We also leave very old mushrooms with an almost flat slice shape in the forest. They are allowed to spend their well-earned retirement in the forest and protect the next generation.

Focus on sustainability As it has not yet been possible to cultivate the fly agaric artificially, it is crucial to leave a few mushrooms standing at each site. In this way, they can release the spores from the lamellar ring on the stem and ensure new growth. Anything else would be irresponsible and contradicts our understanding of the uniqueness of this natural medicine and its special effect on us humans. Before picking, we therefore also tap the mushrooms once on the hat so that they can release spores properly before we take them away.


Careful cleaning As soon as a round of harvesting is complete, we go straight home to process them. The immediate processing of Amanita Muscaria guarantees quality that meets the highest standards. Each individual mushroom is carefully cleaned to remove soil, sand and pine needles. Then it is meticulously checked to see if any insects or worms have gnawed on it. Once this has been ruled out, the stalk - if it was harvested at all - is separated from the cap. And then the process continues.

Fast drying To avoid discoloration or even mould and rot, it is essential that the fly agaric caps are dried quickly. The clean caps go directly into the decarboxylator, where the moisture is gently removed at 40-45 degrees Celsius. During this important step, ibotenic acid is converted into muscimol. It is only through this process that the fly agaric can later be used as a natural medicine without causing side effects or even symptoms of poisoning!

Additional maturing for the highest quality After decarboxylation, the fly agaric would theoretically be ready to eat. However, numerous user reports have shown that it is extremely beneficial to allow the dry mushroom caps to “ripen” for a while in the dark in the absence of air. After a further 60 days of extra maturing time, the last remnants of ibotenic acid are also converted into the healing muscimol. Freshly dehydrated mushrooms can vary considerably in their effect due to the natural composition of the chemicals they contain. These sometimes considerable fluctuations are significantly minimized by the additional maturation, which in turn enables a stable intake experience.


Of course, we could sell faster and probably more mushrooms at the beginning of each season! But as already mentioned, we are concerned with the unity of man and nature, with the connection and respect for the wisdom of the mushroom. Of course, we also need and want to profit financially from our time-consuming work, but not at any price. And finally, there is our highest principle and the demand we place on ourselves that you can only buy toadstool caps of the highest quality from us!

Perfect packaging for long-lasting freshness Before our carefully treated mushroom caps are sent on their journey, they are thoroughly weighed and vacuum-packed. Only by excluding air and moisture can our fine Amanita Muscaria keep for at least a year.


Whether you prefer to nibble them like potato chips, make tea from them or chop them up is entirely up to you. The fly agaric caps we send you can be used and processed according to around a dozen different recipes for a number of purposes, both internally and externally.


Please make sure that the dry mushroom caps are always stored in a dark place, e.g. in the kitchen cupboard, out of the air. They should also not be stored in a metal container, as this could affect the chemical composition of the mushrooms.


Finally, we have a particularly valuable tip for you: always add a small cotton or organza bag with uncooked rice grains to the mushroom caps after opening the vacuum packaging. If any moisture does get into the container, it will be absorbed by the rice before it can soften the toadstools and make them susceptible to mold.

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