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The MamaMuscaria Shop

In the carefully compiled MamaMuscaria Shop you will find all articles directly related to fly agaric microdosing. 


The comprehensive guide contains all the information you need to microdose successfully and safely. 

The selection of excellent quality dried Amanita muscaria and fly agaric powder makes dosing child's play. 

And our stylish journals make it particularly easy for you to keep perfect records of your healing and development!

As raising awareness of the huge healing potential of Amanita muscaria is particularly important to us, you can also order our great shirts and sweaters here! 

The cool design is not only a real eye-catcher - you are also setting an important example for the movement towards natural remedies. 

Let's Shop!

Who is MamaMuscaria actually?

MamaMuscaria is the label founded by the author Mira Arnold for the publication of the first German-language book on microdosing the medicinal plant fly agaric. Just a few weeks after the publication of this valuable guidebook, our team consists of five hard-working little people! Seven days a week, we take care of your orders, shipping them quickly, answering your emails and looking after our various educational channels. 


We pay particular attention to personal contact with you and providing you with as much additional material as possible about the fly agaric. We therefore tirelessly record interviews with fly agaric microdosers who have achieved really impressive results! There's Shannon, for example, who was pain-free within three days, is paying better attention to her diet and has achieved an unprecedented level of meditation. Or Monique, who was so unbelievably unwell that she was even prepared to give up the fight for life! However, we don't want to spoil the insanely great experiences she had with eating fly agarics at this point: Take a look at the touching and insightful interview with this strong woman for yourself!

By the way, we are always very happy to receive your feedback! If you, like us and our interview guests, have had great results with Amanita Muscaria Microdosing, we would be delighted if you shared them with us! It would be wonderful if you would even like to share your successes with other people and would like to do an interview with Mira about it.

Logo von MamaMuscaria, eine Frau mit einem Fliegenpilzhut hät einen Fliegenpilz

The right format for everyone: A masterclass

Have you heard about the sensational Amanita Muscaria microdosing?

Eating fly agaric is actually one of the most effective ways to take your health into your own hands!



Can you imagine saying goodbye forever to allergies, rheumatism, chronic pain and so much more? 

Have you also dreamed of finally getting rid of your insomnia, depression, anxiety and addictions?

Is it important to you to bring your body and soul into harmony? 

Would you like to learn how to achieve a healthier life quickly and efficiently?



If at least one of these questions applies to you, we have fantastic news for you!


With "Unlocking the power of Amanita  Muscaria", you get:

  • A deep insight into the largest study on the fly agaric to date, which has attracted huge interest worldwide.

  • Sophisticated and thoroughly tested recipes and forms of use for Amanita muscaria, including dosage options for the various types of consumption.

  • Valuable tips on collecting, drying and storing fly agarics.

  • Interesting background information on the treatment potential of fly agarics due to their chemical components.

  • All the information you need as a beginner to get started with fly agaric microdosing.

  • Detailed instructions on how to find your individual optimal dosage.

  • Important differences in the microdosing of Amanita muscaria and psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

  • The possible toxicology of Amanita Muscaria and all known possible side effects.



But what if you have certain contraindications? Or are there perhaps situations in which you are generally not allowed to use Amanita muscaria? You can also find all the important information here.

And, of course, you can also find out everything you need to know about the safe consumption of fly agarics!


How do you like your books best?


As it is extremely important to us to spread the word about the medicinal mushroom Amanita muscaria, our master guide is available in several formats! Do you like to have a light book in your hand or do you prefer reading on your tablet? Are you a big fan of audiobooks or do you prefer to collect guides in high-quality formats? 


We've thought of all of you! Because the “Master Guide to Fly Agaric Microdosing” is available as an e-book, an audiobook, a paperback and a stylish hardcover! 


Why shop at MamaMuscaria?

Well, that's basically quickly explained! All of us in the MamaMuscaria team have been big fans of natural remedies for many years. Some of us have not taken medicines offered by conventional medicine for a decade or more. So you see, we are 100% convinced of what we offer you and of course we use it ourselves. However, our dream is to spread the knowledge of the almost magical healing properties of the fly agaric as far and wide as possible and to convey its message to as many people as possible! However, we don't earn any money with informative videos and helpful emails alone. 7 reasons to buy toadstools from MamaMuscaria - buy top quality Amanita Muscaria caps


That's why every purchase you make helps to make the fly agaric a little better known, so that a few more people become aware of it. Your orders automatically make you part of our ambassador team, so to speak. You may not be recognized at the moment, but every single one counts!


Spread the word

Are you just as enthusiastic and completely convinced of the fly agaric and would like to actively contribute to your surroundings and even complete strangers finding out about it? Then our comfortable, high-quality MamaMuscaria shirts and hoodies are just the thing for you! The design, developed with great attention to detail - and of course toadstools - makes it clear at first glance what it's all about! Our slogan “Love - Soul - Magic” also gives onlookers a good idea of what it's all about! 

Because our beautiful friend, the fly agaric, is certainly one of the most versatile plant medicines imaginable. But why was it demonized for well over a hundred years to such an extent that people are now starting from scratch to introduce people to its healing powers? It doesn't matter... The important thing is that you dare to talk about Amanita muscaria and bring it back into our modern and pharmaceutically trimmed memory. It is not for nothing that the fly agaric has been used for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years by many cultures for healing and - in higher doses - also for mind travel! It has the power to dissolve deep traumas - what other medicine that you know of can do that...?


How we harvest Amanita Muscaria

You will no doubt have noticed statements such as “the fly agaric is your friend”, “the perfect companion” or similar on our website. However, we don't just understand this as a figure of speech, we actually live by it! This starts with the careful and considerate collection of the mushroom caps we offer and only ends after they have been eaten! We respect this king of all mushrooms and treat him with respect. In response, it answers our many questions and leads us to inner and outer healing. 

It all starts every year in late summer or early fall, when the fly agarics in all their beauty are foraged deep in the forest. We always give ourselves and the Amanitas a few days before we go foraging ourselves. It is immensely important to let young mushrooms continue to grow and to help mature mushrooms to grow again before collecting the mushroom caps. To do this, we flick the mushroom caps once or twice so that they can release spores again. We are essentially helping the next generation to reproduce, if you like. 


We would never plunder all the mushrooms in a location and thus destroy the chance of further mushrooms growing back. Mushroom babies and their “grandparents” always stay exactly where they belong. Namely in their ideal location, where they form a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding trees. They support them in their communication and nutrient supply with each other, which in turn benefits both sides considerably. 

Do you want to buy Amanita muscaria now? Click here!


Our long-term goals

Where do we start? Of course, our goal is to establish MamaMuscaria as a competent guide and information channel in German-speaking countries. But the background, as already mentioned, lies more in our vision of moving many, many people away from pills and drops from the pharmacy and towards natural medicinal plants instead. 


There are several reasons for this: 

1. pharmaceutical medicines have only been around for a good 100, maybe 150 years at most, and before they existed, we were also able to rid ourselves of many diseases thanks to nature. 

2. the fly agaric not only leads us to physical health; it also makes us more independent again and helps us to focus on ourselves and our needs. 

3) Hasn't Amanita been used by countless cultures around the globe and is still (or again) one of the preferred medicinal plants of healers such as shamans and, more recently, open-minded alternative practitioners? Why would this be the case if it didn't have wonderful powers from which many people could benefit? 

4. the fewer co-payments we spend on doctor's visits and medication in order to feel healthy and well, the better, right?

5. can you imagine a world in which we move closer together again because we understand each other better and are no longer mainly in the daily hamster wheel imposed from outside? 

I'm sure you can already think of various other reasons and goals...

The most important thing is that we all pull together - and we thank you for wanting to join the Amanita Muscaria community and the dream of a better future!

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